Who we are

AdiposphereBiomedical research is gravitating towards 3D cell culture models and tissue printing. At n3D, we sell kits and services for 3D cell culture. Our core technology is the magnetization of cells, which can then be directed using magnetic forces. In this manner, we can either levitate or bioprint cells. These cultures are faster to assemble than other systems and easier to handle with magnets without losing samples. Check out our products and our services for more information on our technology, and how we can help you!

Is NanoShuttle biocompatible?

PC3 livedeadYes! NanoShuttle is a biocompatible nanoparticle assembly of gold, iron oxide, and poly-L-lysine. It magnetizes cells by electrostatically and non-specifically attaching to cell membranes. No effect has been seen on proliferation, viability, metabolism, inflammatory or oxidative stress. By 7-8 days, the NanoShuttle will release off the cell and into the extracellular space of the culture. Check out our whitepaper on the topic for more information!

High-Throughput Spheroid Printing

High-Throughput Spheroid Printing One of the limiting factors in 3D cell culture can be throughput and efficiency. n3D sells kits for magnetic 3D bioprinting to print spheroids in 384-well plates rapidly (15 min – 6 h) and reproducibly with as few as 50 cells, saving time and cost compared to other spheroid systems. This system is also ideal for high-content screening, with our iPod-based BiO Assay for toxicity, and fluorescence and other cell-based assays for function. Check out some of our results with HepG2 hepatocytes and our product page!

Assay Development Services

Dock You know about the advantages of 3D cell culture, but are you worried about the time and cost of implementing it? n3D offers services in assay development, where we use our expertise in 3D cell culture to design and implement assays and protocols in your lab. We can work with any cell type to design assays to your exact specifications and throughput, and compare these assays to your existing 2D assays. Our goal is to help you transition to 3D with ease!