An Image-Based Method to Detect and Quantify T Cell Mediated Cytotoxicity of 2D and 3D Target Cell Models
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Luminescent Viability Assays for Magnetically Bioprinted Hepatocyte Spheroids
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Biocompatibility of NanoShuttleTM and magnetic fields in magnetic 3D bioprinting
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Validation of High-Throughput Wound Healing Assays using 3D Cell Patterning and Automated, Kinetic Imaging
Promega Luminescent Viability Assays in Magnetically Bioprinted 3D Cultures
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Cytotoxicity Flyer 111014 Is NanoShuttle Biocompatible? Yes!
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384-well Reproducibility Spheroid Reproducibility with the 384-Well Bioprinting Kit
384-Well Bioprinting Kit with HepG2 hepatocytes
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