Assay Development

Move from 2D to 3D!

We offer:

  • Assay development using physiologically relevant 3D cell culture models
  • Unique assay design with co-culturing and fine spatial control
  • Organ-specific assays designed to customers’ specifications
  • Protocols for repeatable production of 3D assays


Adiposphere of 3T3s and bEnd.3s

Adiposphere of 3T3s and bEnd.3s

While the advantages of 3D cell culture are clear (structure, biochemical gradients, more cell-cell & cell-ECM interactions), we understand that going from 2D to 3D can be challenging and time-consuming. At n3D, we believe that the benefits of 3D outweigh the costs, and offer services in assay development. We can use our expertise in magnetic 3D bioprinting and 3D cell culture to develop assays of any cell type to your exact specifications. We’ll give you detailed protocols, technical support, and we can also help implement your protocol onsite. We want to show how easy it is to transition to 3D cell culture!

1. What cell types can I develop assays with using magnetic 3D bioprinting?
Our system is universally applicable to all cell types (see table for all cell types we’ve grown in 3D). We can develop assays using any cell type, just let us know which type, what media and environment you use to culture those cells, and what endpoints.

2. How will the assay be validated?
We offer a number of ways to validate your assay, including but not limited to:

  • Hematoxylin & Eosin (H&E) staining
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Biochemical assays (MTT, Live/Dead, ELISA)

3. What will I receive?

  • A detailed, easy to read protocol
  • Online presentation and meeting to discuss results
  • Raw data and images

Questions? Have a crazy idea? Contact us for more information and a quote!