In addition to selling industry-leading products for magnetic 3D cell culture, n3D also offers services in phenotypic compound screening and 3D cell culture centered around our core technologies. Our results in 3D can predict in vivo responses in real-time within a repeatable, cost-effective, and high-throughput in vitro setting that replicates native tissue, giving you the best possible answers to your research questions. Our services include:

Results of BiO Assay on 3T3 spheroids exposed to retinoic acid (RA). (A) Time-dependent contraction. (B) Comparison of dose response of 3D spheroids as compared to 2D monolayers. (C) Viability of spheroids after contraction (green = live, red = dead). Note with higher, more toxic concentrations of RA, the spheroids are unable to contract, and that correlates with viability in the spheroid. 3D spheroids are less sensitive to RA as they have a more in vivo-like biochemical concentration gradient

Based in the Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX, the largest medical center in the world, n3D has the expertise and resources to meet your needs. Contact us for more information and check out some of our services at Assay Depot!