What 3D platform is best for you?

Flow Chart

At n3D, our products center around our core technology of magnetic 3D cell culture. This process begins with the magnetization of cells with NanoShuttleTM-PL. The cells can be aggregated with magnetic forces, either by levitation or printing, to form structurally and biologically representative 3D models in vitro. The advantages of magnetic cell culture include:

  • Rapid 3D model formation for high throughput
  • No specialized equipment, media, or artificial substrate
  • Magnetization of 3D models makes them easy to handle/retrieve
  • No effect of NanoShuttleTM-PL on viability, proliferation, inflammatory stress
  • No interference of NanoShuttleTM-PL on fluorescence or other experiments (Western blotting, qRT-PCR, viability, etc.)