Press Releases

Press Releases

Nano3D Biosciences announces a free webinar with MD Anderson Cancer Center titled Magnetic 3D Bioprinting of Cells: Overcoming Imaging Obstacles in Spheroids, presented by GE Healthcare Life Sciences and Greiner Bio-One North America.

n3D published a paper with AZ and LC Sciences developing and validating a novel high-throughput assay for vasoactivity screening in Scientific Reports

n3D published a technical note with Promega demonstrating the ability to assay viability in magnetically 3D bioprinted spheroids using CellTiter-Glo and RealTime-Glo

Nano3D publishes a study using the contraction of magnetically 3D bioprinted spheroids in the BiO Assay as a measure of toxicity in Scientific Reports.

n3D signs sponsored research agreement with the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at the University of Texas Health Science at Houston to study preterm labor management for personalized medicine

Nano3D Biosciences signs distribution agreement with Reprocell to distribute its 3D cell culture technology to researchers worldwide

Nano3D Biosciences Releases 96-Well Bio-Assembler for 3D Culture

Nano3D Biosciences signs distribution agreement with MidSci to distribute its 3D Cell Culturing technology to U.S. Researchers.

Nano3D Biosciences announces Next Generation in 3D Cell Culturing.

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