HUVEC Cells.

Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) cultured with the Bio-Assembler™.   HUVEC cells are very popular among researchers and are often the cells of choice for developing in vitro models for angiogenesis (Staton et al, 2009, Martineau and Doillon, 2007).  In approximately 12 hours, HUVEC cells cultured with the Bio-Assembler™ showed sustained in vivo-like branching structure lasting longer than those grown using other techniques.  Here we have (Left) Photomicrograph of HUVEC cultured with the Bio-Assembler™ for 12 hours (scale bar 100 μm) and  (Right) Photograph of tubular macrostructure HUVEC cells cultured for 24 hours (scale bar 10 mm; magnet was removed prior to taking photograph).