Primary Lung Cells

Primary Lung Cells.

Photomicrographs of human primary lung cells cultured with the Bio-Assembler™ at the air-liquid interface.  In vivo, alveolar lung cells grow at the air interface with in the lung. Therefore, by culturing lung cells at the air-liquid interface, we can better replicate the in vivo lung environment. In vitro culture of primary lung cells  is particularly important because animal models are a poor representation of human lung, therefore when studying human lung response to toxic agents or drugs, primary lung cells cultured at the air-liquid interface is a major advantage.

The above cells were cultured for less than 48 hours. These images show levitating cell cultures of the four major cell types found in the lung.  These cells cultured by Bio-Assembler™ have shown distinctive and characteristic morphology typically attributed to respective cell types.