Our Strategy

Goal: Develop magnetic cell culture into the industry standard for 3D cell culture

n3D phases

Phase I

In this phase, n3D develops solutions for biomedical research using our core technology. This phase is close to completion, as we have successfully made our Bio-AssemblerTM commercially available. Alongside that milestone, we have brought in initial revenue, established our brand, and validated our technology through high-impact scientific publications. n3D was awarded a Phase I and II SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation to help fund this phase, and the continued growth in revenue is being put towards sales and marketing efforts. n3D has customers throughout the world for its products who are publishing with our technology, with distribution in the US (MidSci), Europe (Novusci), Japan (Funakoshi), China (Troy), Korea (Genomic Base), and Mexico (Amplibio).

Phase II

Our Phase II strategy is to adapt and market n3D’s products for high-throughput compound screening. As our core technology for 3D cell culture is representative yet rapid, n3D is well-positioned to replace standard 2D models for high-throughput compound screening. In late 2013, n3D has introduced the BiO Assay, using our magnetic 3D bioprinting system combined with our iPod-based imaging system to offer compound testing in 3D with high throughput and rapid results. n3D has published on this technology and is currently active in finding and validating organ-specific applications, perfecting our end product, and designing higher-throughput formats. Additionally, our strategy involves further expanding our sales and marketing efforts, particularly internationally, where we are focused on Brazil, Japan, Singapore, and Europe.

Phase III

In Phase III, n3D hopes to apply our cell culture technology towards stem cells and regenerative medicine. Our experience using the Bio-Assembler gives us confidence in our ability to build tissues that closely mimic native tissue structure and function. n3D has conducted preliminary work on such applications, and will seek partners to deliver these products from bench to bedside.