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Bring the power of 3-dimensional cell culturing to your experiments today with n3D’s Bio-Assembler™.

Glioblastoma cells cultured in 3D with the Bio-Assembler™

The Bio-Assembler™ is a device for culturing cells in three-dimensions by magnetic levitation.  The Bio-Assembler™ combines nanoparticle based Nanoshuttle-PL with designed magnetic fields needed to levitate cells and provide the 3D cell growth environment.

  • Faster set up times (minutes vs. hrs.)
  • Easier preparation with 80% less likelihood of sample contamination
  • Faster growth of cells (hrs. vs. weeks)
  • No use of animal components


“A key advantage of the method is its speed,” says George Whitesides at Harvard University, who was not involved in the work … “Magnetic forces bring the particles together rapidly.”  -New Scientist