BiO Assay™ – High-throughput 3D testing

Website BiO Assay Pic with frame (1)The BiO Assay™ rapidly prints cells using magnetic 3D bioprinting and tracks their dose-dependent response for high-throughput viability testing. This kit combines representative 3D cell culture environments with rapid printing, automated imaging, and high-content analysis to predict human in vivo response with high throughput.



3D Cell Culture – Fast & Simple

Our core technology is the use of magnetic nanoparticles to magnetize cells, which can be levitated and printed easily and rapidly with magnetic forces. With magnetic 3D bioprinting, spheroids can be printed rapidly between 15 min to a few hours, a fraction of the time of other systems.

Paradigm shift from 2D to 3D!

While the majority of biomedical research has been performed on 2D monolayers, these models don’t replicate the complex interactions and architecture found in native tissue. Research today is gravitating towards 3D models that mimic in vivo response and adapting these systems to basic research, high-throughput compound screening and drug discovery. Catch the wave of 3D cell culture!

Magnetic levitation

At n3D, we sell kits (Bio-Assembler™) to magnetically levitate cells. In using magnetic forces to levitate cells, we bring the cells off the stiff substrate, while aggregating them to form larger structures. The system works in petri dishes and multiwell plates with any cell type and no special media, and can be imaged and analyzed like any other 3D culture or microtissue.

Vascular Toxicity

0514 ATVB

n3D presented its brand new assay for high-throughput vascular toxicity screening at this year’s ATVB in Toronto, ON in collaboration with AstraZeneca. Vascular smooth muscle cells were 3D bioprinted into rings that not only visually mimics blood vessel segments, but responds similarly by contracting and dilating. This assay serves as a high-throughput in vitro alternative to wire myography, but in contrast, is high-throughput and uses human cells at a fraction of the cost. Check out our poster and our vascular toxicity screening service for more information!